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About Us

Corporate 3

  • Ankara Asfaltı Üzeri 20.Km Kocabaş DENİZLİ
  • (+90) 258 814 53 17
  • info@zimek.com.tr

About Us

Zimek Machinery started to produce stone processing machinery in 1995. At that time, especially in the natural stone industry, external dependence on the machine was excessive. Zimek Machine, with its experience in the machinery sector, started to manufacture marble and travertine processing machines and aimed to reduce dependence on foreign sources. In particular, it has become a reputable and specialized brand in this field with the emphasis on the production of polishing and sizing machines.

Since its inception, ZimekMakina has been continuing its production in a stable manner without losing its quality product-quality service line. In addition to its extensive customer portfolio within the country, it has succeeded in making its name known in international platforms with its exports to other countries. With this wind behind it, Zimek Machinery continues to serve both domestic and foreign customers with its sales and after-sales services and aims to raise its line even further.